Odd Molly’s award-winning design in everything from clothing to interiors encourages women of all ages to feel and be their best selves. 

Today Odd Molly is sold all around the world but the story all began as a tribute to one girl, a skater girl called Molly in Venice Beach back in the 80s. Breaking with convention and following her heart, she became Odd Molly’s constant muse, whose love for life lives on in every step the brand takes.   

Odd Molly will always be inspired by, and fight for more Mollys in the world.casual and progressive nature of our denim and our american vintage clothes. 



Surf, skate and active lifestyles have been the driving force behind our brand since 1985. Chip & Pepper emphasizes quality and effortlessly embodies the California lifestyle. Representing much more than clichéd “Cali Vibes.” Chip & Pepper was born on Venice Strip, possibly the most diverse gathering place in Los Angeles – a meeting ground for eclectics whether an artistic vagabond, pipe-line skater, surfer, long boarder, tattooist, biker, rock star, or a multinational traveler. 

As such, Chip & Pepper has thrived on this culture formed on acceptance, inclusion, non-judgement, and freedom of self-expression. Los Angeles itself is famous for its diverse cast of subcultures constantly co-habituating or cross-pollinating. It is this democratic and unexpected assortment of people juxtaposed against the beautiful natural backdrop that makes LA such a desirable place to live and find inspiration. A place for young dreamers seeking to make their wishes come true. Chip & Pepper is one of the few heritage LA brands capable of capturing the genuine innocence of youth.


Originally a watch company founded by three brothers in 1921, BENRUS was recognized for decades for legendary timepieces proudly worn by the U.S. Military. The military-inspired lifestyle brand, has since expanded beyond its signature watch collection and includes bags, sunglasses and apparel. 

BENRUS is an Iconic American Heritage brand founded in 1921, originally as the greater of the high-quality time-timepieces with Swiss movement and American design. Each mechanism has represented the highest levels of craftsmanship despite its attainable price points. Through the generations, BENRUS has been uniquely positioned as a military inspired brand known for its premium products.