Chip & Pepper balances California surf culture with design practicality that emphasize style, fit, and quality. Chip & Pepper was born LA, possibly the most diverse gathering place in Los Angeles – a meeting ground for eclectics whether an artistic vagabond, pipe-line skater, surfer, long boarder, rock star, or a multinational traveler. As such, Chip & Pepper has thrived on this culture formed on acceptance, inclusion, non-judgement, and freedom of self-expression.   

BENRUS is an iconic American Heritage Brand founded in 1921, originally as a creator of high-quality timepieces with Swiss movements and American design. Each mechanism has represented the highest levels of craftmanship despite it’s attainable pricepoints. Through the generations, BENRUS has been uniquely positioned as a military inspired brand with technological and mechanical break-throughs. The soul of BENRUS is informed by our heritage and our distinctly modern, authentically American sensibilities. 



In 1985, notorious twin brothers Chip & Pepper co-founded the iconic skate and surf namesake brand. Since then, the brand has become recognized for being the original pioneer in the premium denim market known for its vintage denim, champagne cotton stitching, selvage denim detailing, signature shark tooth stamp and brass shackle from the front left belt loop. 


Today, BENRUS continues to embody it’s rich heritage by reinventing luxury essentials for a new generation, producing other every day items featuring a military inspired aesthetic, quality detailed designs with classic silhouettes with the goal to revive the customers favorite essentials. The military-inspired aesthetic can still be found within the lines and details of

BENRUS timepieces, apparel, bags and accessories for men and women.